Month: June 2018

  • Copenhagen

    Copenhagen was just a quick stopover on the way home – arrived in the morning, spent the day in the city, and left on a late flight to Munich. Had to change planes anyway, and rather than wait around the airport, decided to expand the stop in Copenhagen by a few hours, and use the […]

  • Iceland: Hiking Mount Esja

    Exploring Reykjavik: check. See the most famous sights: check. So for the last full day in iceland, I wanted to get out into nature, and do a day hike. It would probably be worth it to rent a car if I had more time, since lots of tempting hikes are further out in the countryside. […]

  • Iceland – Golden Circle

    The “golden circle” is not really a circle, but the name or a popular tour of three of the most famous and beautiful sights of Iceland, all within easy daytripping range from Reykjavik. First stop: Geysir. Yup, like a periodically exploding hot spring, the concept of which was named after this particular place in iceland, […]

  • Iceland: Arrival & Reykjavik

    This is pretty much the first impresson when arrving in Iceland: It’s pretty much a moonscape, with endless, empty lava fields, with nothing growing but moss in all shades of (sometimes pretty psychedlic-looking) greens. Luckily, it gets better: the landscapes stay heavy on lava fields and moss, and low on houses and people, but get […]

  • Orlando: Universal: Harry Potter

    There is one, and exactly one, reason to go to Orlando: to visit theme parks. The city itself is a forgettable conglomerate of suburbs and amenities for themepark visitors. Good thing I came to visit a theme park – no, not Disney world. I have been to Disneyland in Paris, and am not such a […]

  • Vegas: Zion national park

    For the last full day in Vegas, another trip to a national park. This time, Zion, a famous national park that is actually across several state lines from Las Vegas, in the southwestern corner of Utah, but doable as a (very long) day trip. The drive there takes about 3 to 4 hours, but the […]

  • Vegas: Red rock canyon

    After the madness of Vegas, time for something different. I had planned for six days in Vegas – two or three days each for sightseeing, and for getting over jetlag, both literally after crossing the pacific, and culturally after having been to half a dozen decidedly non-Western world countries. Plus one day for being an […]

  • Vegas Casinos

    Alright, time to hit the town for some sightseeing. Which in Vegas means looking at Hotels. Yup, it’s a town you stay at in order to look at the places other people stay at. Which makes more sense than it sounds like, because those Hotel/Casinos are really something. I have a soft spot for weird […]

  • Vegas!

    The journey from Hongkong to Las Vegas was by far the longest leg of the whole trip – can’t get around crossing the Pacific. Was almost glad for the stop in Seoul – not only shortening the intercontinental flight to a bearable 10 hours, but also because Seoul airport had the first and only playable […]

  • Honkong: Man mo temple

    Last pictures from Hongkong are from the Man Mo temple – dedicated to the gods of writing and the god of war. Situated pretty much downtown, it’s tucked in between modern skyscrapers. It’s also up a hill. Lots of stairs in the Hongkong heat mean lots of breaks in snack shops along the way for […]