Iceland: Hiking Mount Esja

Exploring Reykjavik: check. See the most famous sights: check. So for the last full day in iceland, I wanted to get out into nature, and do a day hike. It would probably be worth it to rent a car if I had more time, since lots of tempting hikes are further out in the countryside. But luckily there is a mountain close enough to Reykjavik to be reachable by a local bus: Mount Esja, a popular destination for a day trip.

The so-called “mount esja hiking center” turned out to be just a bus stop next to a parking lot in the wilderness.

A lovely start to the hike, across meadows and flowers.

The trail is getting a little less marked here, but still visible.

Came across this lovely creek, with no obvious way to cross, so waded through.

This is where I regretted that proper hiking boots did not fit in my luggage, given that my sneakers are now outfitted with a mud-based liquid cooling system.

I must have gotten off the regular path somewhere, since it’s supposed to be a really popular hike, but I did not see anybody any more, and the path became less and less marked, just barely visible as a trail through the moonscape.

But was rewareded with some nice views across the bay.

I did not go up THAT far, but the clouds are hanging low, and it’s getting cool, so decided to turn around. Even after looking at the signs on the bottom, still have no idea which path I took, or if it even was a real path, but I enjoyed the hike and the views.

Back down the hill, across the fields and creeks, and towards the bottom I met the regular parth that I must have missed on the way up.

A good finish to my visit to iceland – one of the places where I wished I would have stayed longer. I definitely plan to come back, rent a car and spend some time deeper in the wild countryside.

But for now, time to pack my bags for the early morning flight to Copenhagen, and almost home, tomorrow.

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