Honkong: Man mo temple

hk manmo me

Last pictures from Hongkong are from the Man Mo temple – dedicated to the gods of writing and the god of war.P1040165

Situated pretty much downtown, it’s tucked in between modern skyscrapers. It’s also up a hill. Lots of stairs in the Hongkong heat mean lots of breaks in snack shops along the way for more of my favorite tropical drinks – green coconuts and fresh sugarcane juice.

hk manmo altar

hk manmo offering

hk manmo wishes

Oh, and remember the pictures of unidentified meat snacks from last time? Today I came across a shop selling the same things, but since it was in a more touristy area, they had pictures and English names for the items.

hk food intestines

So now I know that my “chewy” snacks were “Fried pig intestines” and “Boiled snail meat”. Congratulations, Hongkong – you win “weirdest (now identified) food we got Elmar to eat”!

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