Copenhagen was just a quick stopover on the way home – arrived in the morning, spent the day in the city, and left on a late flight to Munich. Had to change planes anyway, and rather than wait around the airport, decided to expand the stop in Copenhagen by a few hours, and use the opportunity to visit yet another country (had never been to Denmark before).

So I did not actually plan anything for Copenhagen, or know anyting about it beforehand. At first glance, it seemed very similar to other nordic cities – I could easily have thought to be in Bremen or Stockholm.

New country, capital city – that means going to the national museum.

Impressively, and appropriately, viking-looking artifacts.

Stockholm seemed nice, but not very spectacular – alright, I was probably way, way overloaded with exotic locations at that point, and also tired and not a little homesick. But I’m glad I did the stopover, it’s a very nice place to wander around for an afternoon.

Decided to take it easy, and finish the day, and the whole trip, with a nice meal on the terrace of a restaurant on the waterfront.

Bye, Copenhagen, bye, round-the-world trip – after 40 days, 4 continents, 11 countries, it’s time to go home.

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