Singapore: Little India and around

Nope, that’s not little India – that’s the oldest mosque in so-called “Kampung glam”, i.e. the muslim area. Not much muslim character left, but the mosque looks nice.

And they celebrated the beginning of ramadan by – a street food fair? Makes no sense, but hey, food is always fine with me.. Had a weird-looking, but fantastic, Avocado-with-coconut-syrup smoothie.

Yup, definitely getting more Indian now. The temple looks like a miniature plastic version of the giant temple towers of south India.

This guy prevented me from going in, though, even though they had areas to take off your shoes, and plenty of people did go in. He’s the first unfriendly Hindu temple attendant I’ve ever met, and also the only person I met in Singapore that did not speak any English – so the guy officially sucks 🙂

A convenient stall next to the temple for all your needs in terms of temple offerings.

And of course you can find all kinds of Indian fabrics etc. Did not really take pics of the Indian-style shops, since it’s not really new to me. But I did find a place selling lots of Bollywood DVDs (real DVDs! not cheap pirated VideoCDs! What has the world come to…), so picked up a few recommendations from the owner.

On the way, some drinks to tide me over till dinner – my two favorite tropical drinks: green coconut water, and freshly pressed sugarcane juice.

Also met these guys with the cool outfits there – had to ask what they were about, and they meant that it’s not for a special occasion, but what they wear all the time, for religious reasons, as they’re Sufis.

Little India looks decidedly more colorful, and not quite as OCD clean as downtown Singapur. Pretty, though.

Chinatown, I think?

Unassuming little neighbourhood altar tacked onto a column on the sidewalk.

And I got a haircut here. Not sure if it made me “royal beauty” as promised on the sign, but given what they had to work with, and the price of about 3 euros, I’ll take it.

And finally went to “Tekka center” for some Indian food. It’s the most Indian hawker center in Singapore, and at first glance pretty shabby and chaotic. But the food is amazing!

Again, does not look like much, but the best and most authentic Dhaal and Naan I’ve ever had outside of India. They make an bake the bread right before your eyes, and it comes out of the oven and onto your plate in 30 seconds. Soooo good, I came back for Indian food to the same stall every night afterwards. Oh, and it also cost about 3 euros. Funny enough, in the sort of fancy area of my hotel, just 5 minutes walking away, there’s also an Indian restaurant where you would pay more like 30 euros for dinner – and I’m sure the food would not be as good.

Singapore is funny that way – cheap or expensive is not really determined by what it is, but by the socio-economic target audience.

Not sure where these guys came from – did I mention Singapore has a bit of everything?

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