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  • “Shownotes” for my talk at MobileTechCon 2015

    In the tradition of podcasts providing a list of links to things that were talked about, here’s a few pointers for further information about some of the topics I mentioned in my talk titled “Mobile, Microservices und Multichannel – warum Web-App-Architektur sich ändern muss” at the Mobile Tech Conference 2015. Html5 browser support: http://caniuse.com/ Mobile […]

  • What the ipad is good for – a real-life review after a year of owning one

    This is not an ipad review – there’s little doubt the ipad  is the best tablet on the market. Rather, I’m trying to answer the question “Do I need or want a tablet at all?”, a.k.a. “Is there really a gap between smartphone and laptop?”. The answer: It’s the two-seater convertible sportscar of computers: It […]

  • Technology radar, fall 2011 edition

    Rising stars: iOS Development The iphone is still hot, the iPad is hot and established by now, plus now the mac app store gets Joe Sixpack buying applications on the mac. What’s news is that due to the success of the iphone, even large conservative companies are really starting to realize they need to “do […]

  • Don’t like Google’s redesign? Greasemonkey to the rescue

    So Google redesigned their search homepage, to include a black highlight bar for their other service offerings on top of the page. I think it looks pretty good, but my girlfriend, who is a more visual person than I am, and has better aesthetic sense too, absolutely hated the fact that she was greeted by […]

  • How to record internet radio using VLC on the Mac

    This is mostly to remind myself, so I don’t have to mess with the settings again next time: Download the Playlist (.pls file), open in text editor, extract the station url (something like http://ice.somafm.com/suburbsofgoa) Open VLC, go to File/Open Network, enter the url extracted from the playlist Click on Settings…, choose any filenmane.mp3. Use the […]