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  • Falsehoods Apple believes about professional mac users

    In the spirit of great posts pointing out the difference between programmers’ assumptions and the real world (like names, addresses and time), here’s a more satirical, but sadly true, take on Apple’s new Macbook Pro. 16GB of RAM should be enough for anybody. After all, nobody has more than a handful of browser tabs open. And hardly anybody uses […]

  • Slides from my talk at MobileTechCon 2015

    Thanks to everybody attending my talk “Mobile, Microservices und Multichannel – warum Web-App-Architektur sich ändern muss” at the Mobile Tech Conference 2015 in Munich. Feel free to download a PDF of the slides used in the talk: MobileTech2015 – mobile, microservices, multichannel (images compressed) Images are compressed to reduce the file size; if you’d like […]

  • Technology radar, fall 2011 edition

    Rising stars: iOS Development The iphone is still hot, the iPad is hot and established by now, plus now the mac app store gets Joe Sixpack buying applications on the mac. What’s news is that due to the success of the iphone, even large conservative companies are really starting to realize they need to “do […]