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  • Slides from WJAX

    If you’ve seen my talk about web application architecture at WJAX 2015, and would like to download the slides, you can download them here: WJAX 2015 – Mobile, microservices and multichannel.pdf If you are interested in learning more about some of the topics mentioned, I’ve previously collected a list of blog posts, articles, videos and […]

  • Slides from my talk at MobileTechCon 2015

    Thanks to everybody attending my talk “Mobile, Microservices und Multichannel – warum Web-App-Architektur sich √§ndern muss” at the Mobile Tech Conference 2015 in Munich. Feel free to download a PDF of the slides used in the talk: MobileTech2015 – mobile, microservices, multichannel (images compressed) Images are compressed to reduce the file size; if you’d like […]

  • Javascript I love you, but you need to clean up your mess

    We are finally reaching the point where dropping support for IE7 is pretty much a given, and the time when IE8 support can be dropped for even conservative audiences draws nearer. So we can finally join the brave new world of fully dynamic rich client applications written in cross-browser supported standard javascript. Well, not quite […]

  • My experience with pair programming

    It spreads knowledge about the codebase Since two people worked on the code, two people know intricately how it works, and can fix bugs in it without first having to spend time to learn the inner workings. Yeah, I know, in theory everybody should be familiar with everything, but in time-constrained practice you often have […]

  • Game development, 1986

    Found a fascinating read: Jordan mechners development journal from 1986. Some excerpts: He spent most of a day trying to get vhs video (taken on a $2000 video camera) into the computer. He ended up photographing every single frame with a photo camera, waiting for the prints to be developed, and then scanning the stills. […]

  • Technology radar, fall 2011 edition

    Rising stars: iOS Development The iphone is still hot, the iPad is hot and established by now, plus now the mac app store gets Joe Sixpack buying applications on the mac. What’s news is that due to the success of the iphone, even large conservative companies are really starting to realize they need to “do […]

  • Try any language in your browser

    Pretty much any new language has an online interpreter these days, so you can try it without even having to install anything. For future reference, I collected all the links here: Clojure http://tryclj.licenser.net/ Scala http://www.simplyscala.com/ Python http://try-python.mired.org/ (or http://trypython.org , but that one needs Silverlight) Ruby http://tryruby.org/ Go http://golang.org/ Erlang http://www.tryerlang.org/ Groovy http://groovyconsole.appspot.com/ Lua http://www.lua.org/demo.html […]

  • Why Erlang will be the next language I learn

    Keeping to the pragmatic programmer’s mantra of learning a new language every year, I’ve picked Erlang as the language to learn in 2011. (For reference – 2010 was Groovy (verdict: very nice, but if I want JVM + a dynamic language, I’d rather user JRuby), and 2009 was Javascript (yes, of course I knew Javascript […]