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  • How to compete with Google in Search

    To google something has become a verb. Google search is the overwhelmingly largest source of traffic for many sites. Google’s market share in most markets is higher than its competitors combined. Google has brand identity, search quality, technological quality, and page speed down pat. So how would you compete with Google search? (Not that google […]

  • Don’t like Google’s redesign? Greasemonkey to the rescue

    So Google redesigned their search homepage, to include a black highlight bar for their other service offerings on top of the page. I think it looks pretty good, but my girlfriend, who is a more visual person than I am, and has better aesthetic sense too, absolutely hated the fact that she was greeted by […]

  • Jan 2011 GTUG Munich meeting

    Last thursday saw the first GTUGMUC event of the year, thanks to the largesse of Google marketing once again held at the cafeteria of the local google offices, with pizza and drinks generously provided, and once again to a full house of several dozen developers crammed into the room. First speaker was Robert “Sparky” Rhode, […]

  • Notes from Google Developer Day 2010 in Munich

    First of all, kudos to google for the flawless organization of a huge (1100 attendees), free event.¬†It was great to have so many key people straight from the source in one place. Here are my random notes of the event: Opening keynote Eric Tholom√©: 2004 is the dividing line – Skype was the last app […]