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  • Martin Odersky’s Scala talk in Munich

    TNG, a Munich-based consulting company, had a Scala training this week by Martin Odersky himself, and was generous enough to also host a free talk by Odersky about Scala. Of course, I couldn’t pass up my first opportunity to meet a language inventor in person. Odersky’s talk was one of the rare events where you…

  • Jan 2011 GTUG Munich meeting

    Last thursday saw the first GTUGMUC event of the year, thanks to the largesse of Google marketing once again held at the cafeteria of the local google offices, with pizza and drinks generously provided, and once again to a full house of several dozen developers crammed into the room. First speaker was Robert “Sparky” Rhode,…

  • Conference characteristics by hardware

    Unsure about which conference to go to? Where you will meet the kind of people you want to meet? All you need to know is what kind of hardware the attendants will be carrying. Barcamp: iPad, Macbook Air Google developer day: Android tablet, Netbook running Ubuntu W-JAX: Company-issued Windows laptop

  • Notes from Google Developer Day 2010 in Munich

    First of all, kudos to google for the flawless organization of a huge (1100 attendees), free event. It was great to have so many key people straight from the source in one place. Here are my random notes of the event: Opening keynote Eric Tholomé: 2004 is the dividing line – Skype was the last app…

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