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  • Slides from code.talks commerce

    Thanks to everybody attending my talk “Commerce as a Service vs Commerce as a Monolith – 2 Flavors of Hybris compared in Practice” at the code.talks commerce conference 2017 in Berlin. Feel free to download a PDF of the slides used in the talk: hybris_monolith_microservices Images are compressed to reduce the file size; if you’d […]

  • Slides from WJAX

    If you’ve seen my talk about web application architecture at WJAX 2015, and would like to download the slides, you can download them here: WJAX 2015 – Mobile, microservices and multichannel.pdf If you are interested in learning more about some of the topics mentioned, I’ve previously collected a list of blog posts, articles, videos and […]

  • “Shownotes” for my talk at MobileTechCon 2015

    In the tradition of podcasts providing a list of links to things that were talked about, here’s a few pointers for further information about some of the topics I mentioned in my talk titled “Mobile, Microservices und Multichannel – warum Web-App-Architektur sich ändern muss” at the Mobile Tech Conference 2015. Html5 browser support: http://caniuse.com/ Mobile […]