Month: August 2011

  • Windows switcher’s guide to Mac OS X

    One way to measure the return of the Mac: the rising number of friends who have either bought macs, or are toying with the idea of getting one, and are now pestering me with their switcher questions giving me an opportunity to talk about the mac way of doing things. So here’s my short list […]

  • Don’t like Google’s redesign? Greasemonkey to the rescue

    So Google redesigned their search homepage, to include a black highlight bar for their other service offerings on top of the page. I think it looks pretty good, but my girlfriend, who is a more visual person than I am, and has better aesthetic sense too, absolutely hated the fact that she was greeted by […]

  • Couchsurfer’s guide to Munich

    After living in Munich for a few years, I’ve collected quite a few favorite spots in Munich. And since I host couchsurfers pretty frequently, I’ve finally made the effort to put together a little booklet collecting some personal recommendations for things to eat, do and see in Munich. With, so far, quite the emphasis on […]