Month: January 2011

  • Jan 2011 GTUG Munich meeting

    Last thursday saw the first GTUGMUC event of the year, thanks to the largesse of Google marketing once again held at the cafeteria of the local google offices, with pizza and drinks generously provided, and once again to a full house of several dozen developers crammed into the room. First speaker was Robert “Sparky” Rhode, […]

  • Try any language in your browser

    Pretty much any new language has an online interpreter these days, so you can try it without even having to install anything. For future reference, I collected all the links here: Clojure Scala Python (or , but that one needs Silverlight) Ruby Go Erlang Groovy Lua […]

  • Why Erlang will be the next language I learn

    Keeping to the pragmatic programmer’s mantra of learning a new language every year, I’ve picked Erlang as the language to learn in 2011. (For reference – 2010 was Groovy (verdict: very nice, but if I want JVM + a dynamic language, I’d rather user JRuby), and 2009 was Javascript (yes, of course I knew Javascript […]